We are a motion graphics and design studio that can bring your imagination to life. Final Ground creates graphics and illustrations that are IMPACTFUL, FUN and EXCITING. We have worked with the Nashville Predators, Country Music Association (CMA) and other great companies to come up with fun and exciting content. We approach each project as a opportunity to create the best and exciting visual graphics. If you have an idea or concept, we have the imagination to come up a with a creative solution for you!!!

John Sanders - Owner

I’m originally from South Bend, IN but now live in Nashville, TN. I’ve worked as a Motion Designer, Illustrator, Art Director and as a Associate Producer. I have a Associate of Arts from Holy Cross College and Bachelor of Fine Arts from MTSU. I have over 10 years experience of working in the sports and entertainment industry. I’ve learned in these industries that I can bring my skills to any design project. I have experience in graphic design, illustration, animation and 3D modeling. I love what I do for a living and I’ve been doing it for many years. Since I started Final Ground, I’ve been able to team up with other great designers, animators and videographers to come up with eye catching
videos and graphics.


Client Testimonials

I am happy to recommend John based on the years that I’ve been working with him. He is a creative, outside the box, cutting edge thinker, who gets the job done. He has always met tight deadlines when needed, without a complaint or hesitation. John enjoys what he does and it comes out in his work. His work and personality have generated smiles, laughter and positive feedback from thousands of fans throughout the years. I am happy to be part of such a large group of people who have and will continue to enjoy Johns creations.
— Brian Campbell - Director of Event Presentation for the Nashville Predators
I’ve had the privilege to have John Sanders creative ingenuity help bring ideas to life for the artist I work with. John has always surpassed any expectations for my clients, and has done so in tight deadlines. There hasn’t been any concept/idea too big or small that John will run with. I highly recommend John Sanders / Final Ground for any graphic needs!
— Todd Thomas - Artist Manager at Curb Records